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Telematics Unleashed: Motorcycle Safety with AI & Connectivity

When real-time visibility can be paired with artificial intelligence, one of the biggest challenges on the road can be tackled – safety. Motorcycle riders face a risk of fatality in accidents that is 30 times higher than that of car drivers. While driver assistance systems have become the standard in the automotive industry, motorcycles have been left behind. Rider Dome is transforming this scenario by implementing innovative AI-based technology to enhance the safety of motorcycle riders. 

Rider Dome has created a turnkey solution to help drive greater safety on the road through real-time support and visibility at a global scale, but it was not always simple. Sourcing cellular connectivity country-by-country proved to be too challenging and cumbersome from a logistics and management standpoint. However, reliable, resilient cellular connectivity is crucial to Rider Dome’s solution, so the organization turned to floLIVE for a simplified, single SKU approach. 

Join floLIVE’s Chen Porat, SVP of Sales in APAC and Africa, and Rider Dome’s CEO Yoav Elgrichi to learn: 

  • The logistics challenges that occur when sourcing global connectivity
  • How one SKU can cover the globe
  • Why real-time visibility is critical to the solution’s success and how that it can be achieved through cellular networks

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