IoT demands that we do better: The evolution of cellular connectivity 

Today, there are 840 million cellular IoT devices active worldwide. By 2026, there will be 5.7 billion – an increase of nearly 700 percent. Given this tremendous growth, it is clear that the ability to connect diverse IoT device types, with different needs, at massive scale, and with global coverage, is urgently needed.

This webinar will examine the role that Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs) and global connectivity coverage solutions play in accomplishing this task. It will also examine the evolving needs of operators and enterprises, and the challenges faced by traditional connectivity management services.

Topics covered include:

  • The evolution of cellular connectivity
  • The urgency of connecting diverse IoT device types globally, at scale
  • The restrictive and unprofitable nature of traditional connectivity management solutions, and how to do better
  • Recommendations for next generation CMPs to address the IoT needs of the market today, and in the future, based on floLIVE as a powerful use case

    Featured Speakers:

    Jamie Moss, Abi Research                Dan Shei, VP, ABI Research                Nir Shalom, CEO, floLIVE  
    Jamie Moss,                          Dan Shey,                              Nir Shalom,
    Research Director,                Vice President,                     CEO,

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