The Evolution of Global Connectivity

Did you know that 41% of enterprises consider connectivity to be a top challenge for their IoT deployments? Once and for all - let’s make it simple. 

Read our latest whitepaper, The Evolution of Global Connectivity to break down the existing options for global connectivity, and truly understand the pros and cons of each choice for enterprises looking to make strides with IoT. You’ll learn: 


  • Local SIMs, Roaming SIMs and SIM Profiles - what’s the difference, and what challenges come alongside each of these options?
  • Connectivity built for IoT - A checklist for enterprise needs whenThe evolution of global connectivity climbing the IoT value chain, including what to ask your service provider.
  • The route to one SKU: How floLIVE uses distributed core networks around the globe to offer a single SIM solution that covers the world.

Download the Whitepaper here