Securing your Global IoT Network

According to Kaspersky Research, during the first half of 2021, IoT cyberattacks more than doubled. There were 1.51 billion breaches of IoT devices between January and June, compared with 639 million during the equivalent period in 2020. 

These numbers have a real and measurable impact on an IoT business’ bottom line, disrupting connectivity, affecting business continuity, and causing irreparable brand damage and harm. 

How can today’s IoT enterprises keep their landscape secure? Our upcoming webinar, Securing your Global IoT Network will answer this vital question.

Ken Wells, VP Technical Sales and Michael Yehoshua, OT Security Thought Leader at SCADAfence will drill down into: 

  • How malicious actors broker access to IoT networks to enable remote cyberattacks
  • What to ask of your IoT connectivity supplier in terms of SIM-layer security
  • The security features your IoT service provider should offer, that make a real difference in protecting your devices. 

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Ken Wells-1
Michael (1)
Ken Wells, VP Technical Sales, floLIVE
Michael Yehoshua, OT Security Thought Leader,  SCADAfence

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