Private vs Public Networks, Cloud

Do your requirements spell public or private networks? Network operators can set up private networks for enterprise customers, as can cloud providers working with private or public SaaS. Market-centric clouds and networks are also beginning to emerge, which cater to special industry requirements, such as healthcare and energy or utilities.

Join us at IoT Days, where Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research, will be interviewing our own Curtis Govan, President Americas floLIVE, alongside Alistair Elliott, CTO, Pod Group, and Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications. In this panel we will learn the implications of private vs public networks, including:

  • Which option is the best fit to suit specific organizational requirements.
  • The business impact in areas such as cost, performance and control. 
  • Added considerations for IoT, such as unique latency and privacy needs.



Watch the webinar, here