floLIVE partners with NLT to discuss IoT connectivity in the Brazil

Planning Your Entry into the Brazilian IoT Market

The connected device market is a global one, but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. Traditionally, Brazil has been a tough region for enterprises to expand their worldwide operations, due to permanent roaming restrictions and compliance mandates that do not allow devices to work long-term in region or send data out of Brazil.

Join Curtis Govan, President Americas, floLIVE and Andre Martins, CEO, NLT Telecom in an educational webinar as they discuss their new and exciting collaboration, providing dual-connectivity access to Brazilian and international enterprise customers.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The potential and the challenges of the Brazilian market for enterprises, OEMs and mobile operators today. 
  • How floLIVE’s hyperlocal global network works in partnership with NLT — a Brazilian operator specializing in IoT — to provide local connectivity.
  • Your step-by-step guide to achieving high performance, regulatory compliant connectivity with unbeatable service levels in Brazil.

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