The IoT Future: Connected or Exposed?

In the rapidly expanding landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity stands as a paramount concern. With an increasing number of interconnected devices, ranging from smart home appliances to industrial sensors, the attack surface for malicious actors widens. Vulnerabilities in IoT devices can expose sensitive data, compromise privacy, and even lead to physical harm in critical systems. 

 As the IoT ecosystem grows, industry stakeholders must prioritize cybersecurity measures, fostering collaboration and standardization to fortify defenses against evolving cyber threats in this interconnected realm. Otherwise, the connected future might be too exposed.

Watch the on-demand recording on floLIVE expert Ken Wells on the stage at Mobile World Congress Barcelona during a panel discussion to learn:


  • How device volume increases threat level
  • What the threat surface looks like in IoT
  • The different approaches to unified IoT security

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