floLIVE partners with Kigen to talk about IoT Connectivity in Turkey

Navigating IoT in Turkey: Achieve Seamless Coverage with a Single SIM

As we continue our journey through the world's most challenging connectivity landscapes, floLIVE and Kigen are gearing up for a ground-breaking discussion on IoT opportunities in Turkey. After navigating the complexities of Brazil and delving into the depths of Africa, our global series now turns its spotlight on Turkey, a region that has long posed unique challenges to seamless connectivity.

We'll share insights from our successful collaboration with Protahub, demonstrating our breakthrough in establishing local cellular IoT connectivity for global customers in Turkey, all through a single SKU.

In this webinar, you'll gain insights on:

  • New opportunities for OEMs and enterprises with local IoT connectivity in Turkey
  • Effective strategies for deploying a single SIM solution, bypassing the complications traditionally associated with local MNOs in Turkey.
  • Explore how telematics solutions are now unlocked and scaling in region
  • Our exclusive “Cheat Codes”: insider knowledge for navigating connectivity in challenging regions, ensuring your IoT solutions thrive