IoT Connectivity in 2024: Are Service Providers Ready?


Connectivity that spans the globe and can perform highly and reliably is growing and these demands are evidenced in a recent Kaleido  Intelligence survey sponsored by floLIVE. 

The survey indicates that 70 percent of IoT service providers don’t provide full, real-time connectivity visibility for customers, but they need it. 

Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar “IoT Connectivity in 2024: Are Service Providers Ready?” featuring Kaleido Intelligence’s Steffen Sorrell and floLIVE CEO Nir Shalom to get insight on major trends including:

  • The latest cellular strategies being leveraged by service providers and MNOs – such as 5G, satellite, Multi-IMSI, and more
  • How to provide customers with the real-time visibility into their device fleets that they need
  • The need to streamline global connectivity

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