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2024 Game-Changers, Predictions and Just Plain Hype: An Interactive Webinar

Another year, another boring predictions webinar? Not this time!

Join floLIVE CEO, Nir Shalom and Transforma Insights Founder, Matt Hatton for an interactive, enlightening event where our experts will offer their visions of a connected, data-driven, and technologically advanced world in 2024.

If you’re ready to learn, engage and let your voice be heard through easy to access polls, quizzes, word-clouds and more – this webinar is for you!

Watch this interactive webinar to hear our IoT experts offer comprehensive analysis of the trends, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Topics include:

  • 5G Integration: The rollout of 5G networks is set to revolutionize IoT by enabling faster data transmission, lower latency, and enhanced connectivity. How will 5G shape the IoT landscape in 2024, and what new applications will it enable?
  • Edge Computing: Edge computing is becoming increasingly vital for IoT applications, allowing real-time data processing and reducing reliance on centralized servers. What role will edge computing play in IoT's evolution in the coming years?
  • Security & Privacy: As IoT devices proliferate, so do concerns about security and privacy. How will the industry address these issues to ensure that IoT remains a trusted and secure technology?
  • AI and Machine Learning: The integration of AI and machine learning into IoT devices is poised to make them smarter and more adaptive. What breakthroughs can we expect in 2024 as these technologies converge?
  • IoT in Industry Verticals: We'll explore the impact of IoT on specific sectors, including healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and smart cities, providing insights into how IoT will transform these industries in the near future.

Whether you are an industry professional, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the future, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the exciting journey that IoT promises to embark on in the years to come. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this conversation and shape the future of IoT!

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