Case Study: OneLifeTeam International Provides Users Safety and Security with floLIVE Connectivity

OLT CAse study graphics

OneLifeTeam International (OLT) needed a connectivity partner for a new device, eFlea, that would remotely monitor seniors and children in North America and Europe, and provide access to caregivers or loved ones in case of an emergency. 

As a B2B2C organization at its least complex, the product was sold through multiple layers of customers. As well as global connectivity, OLT needed a platform that could meet this complexity securely and with simplicity.

Read the full case study to learn how OLT:

  • Gained Global Coverage: Devices can now communicate globally, without the need to onboard dozens of relationships with multiple MNOs.
  • Benefits from One SKU: With a single SIM card that can automatically connect locally and compliantly on activation, supporting remote provisioning OTA.
  • Integrated with a Smart BSS: Managing the complexity of a B2B2C product, for example, hierarchical billing for multiple layers of customers. 

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