IoT in Logistics Could be the Trip of a Lifetime!

Our Nomadic Device guide is a roadmap with a difference, covering everything that you’ll need to know to take a one-way flight into IoT success with your logistics business plan. Download the e-book to learn:

  • Popular IoT Landing Spots for Logistics: Use cases for how to be successful in IoT, from global cold chain management, and last-mile operations, to inventory tracking and warehousing. 
  • Global IoT Tips and Tricks: How to hit the tarmac successfully with a single vendor for connectivity, multi-layered security and full lifecycle management.
  • Your Checklist for Events and Response: We cover your plan of action for poor coverage, spikes in data usage, a missing shipment, or a device in the field that needs maintenance.

Plus...  a free Survival Guide glossary with all the IoT terms you need to know to blend in with the locals!Nomadic Device resources

Traveling business-class? We’re here to make it simple. Read the full e-book.

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