The IoT Connectivity Cookbook

As more enterprises start launching IoT value-adds, the competition is set to get fierce. But as the saying goes, ‘If you can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen!’

If you’re looking to make a success of new IoT use cases, and grab a slice of a $1.3 billion pie, let this book be your recipe for success.

Inside, you’ll learn to whip up:

  • Global connectivity: A one-bowl recipe that allows enterprises to expand IoT to new locations 
  • The perfect modem: From how to choose a vendor, to how to reduce set up time to circa 5 seconds Cook book resources
  • Mission-critical IoT: Including the use of a multi-IMSI SIM to get unbeatable availability.
  • Enhanced battery life: A fine dining option that uses local breakouts to reduce latency.


Download the Whitepaper here