Solving Connectivity for Next-Gen Fleet Telematics

According to a recent IDC survey, 62 percent of transport companies identified 5G as a key part of their IoT, cloud, and edge projects – higher than any other technology. This next-generation cellular connectivity technology is expected to support emerging use cases within telematics, such as autonomous vehicle features, video monitoring, enhanced driver safety features, and predictive maintenance. 

These complex use cases have top performance requirements that are complicated by the mobile nature of telematics solutions, whether moving regionally or globally. Telematics organizations will require highly reliable and robust connectivity anywhere in the world. 

Download the report “Solving Connectivity for Next-Gen Fleet Telematics” by IDC, sponsored by floLIVE, to learn more about:

  • The intersection of emerging technologies and telematics use cases

  • Why the complexity of this convergence
    create new challengesFloLIVE_IDC_Report_Booklet
  • Keys to reducing complexities

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