Speed Up Time to Value With a Holistic Connectivity Management Platform for IoT

Today’s mobile operators are demanding more holistic connectivity management platforms (CMP) for their IoT projects. Those that fit this description offer a dedicated core network for IoT, a fully-functional Business Support Services with inherent billing, and smart SIM management capabilities, all wrapped up in a single vendor relationship.

Are these components ‘must-haves’ or just bells and whistles? What value are operators seeing in practice? Our latest white paper answers these questions, as well as:

  • What do you get with a holistic CMP? The five key considerations that make all the difference when choosing a connectivity management platform.Holistic CMP Resources

  • Does IoT need its own core network? Why core networks designed for consumer devices don’t meet the needs of IoT at scale.
  • How can you run a cost-effective yet scalable IoT business? All the functionality you need from a CMP, and how to use this to streamline your way to success.

Download the Whitepaper here