Holistic CMP as-a-Service

Learn how mobile operators can benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based CMP-as-a-service, enabling expansion globally via a hyperlocal network of 15+ local IMSIs, optimized for LPWA and suitable for M2M and consumer eUICC. 

Read the full solution sheet to find out: 

  • Extending your global reach: Within 4-6 weeks, use our global carrier network to extend your service to areas not covered by roaming agreements. 
  • A Profitable LPWA Business- No upfront capital investment, and a straightforward PAYG business model means operators can remain competitive and agile.
  • Becoming a contender in IoT: By leveraging modern, cloud-native technology, keep pace with emerging IoT use cases and business models. 
  • Opening new revenue streams: Join floLIVE’s global alliance of connectivity partners, which allows new enterprise customers to consume operator services with ease.

Download the Solution Brief here