Report by Transforma Insights: Adapting to a Fast-Changing CMP Landscape

Connectivity management is going through some changes. While 3-5 years ago, IoT connectivity providers were reliant on one of a handful of large-scale CMPs, today they are able to consider their options. 

To remain competitive, connectivity providers are working on building a more diverse set of offerings to suit new business models, align with IoT use cases, and offer additional functionality such as analytics, remote SIM provisioning, core network functionality, and global connectivity orchestration. 

The latest Transition Topic Position Paper by Transforma Insights is sponsored by floLIVE, and is a deep-dive into this shift in the connectivity space. It looks at: 

  • Key changes that have occurred in the connectivity market over the past few years.

  • How to make IoT business profitable, factoring in declining average revenue per connection for cellular connectivity.

  • Core functionality that is now required of CMPs, and the roles and capabilities of the different players in the CMP landscape. 

For MNOs, MVNOs, and enterprises working in the IoT space, it’s a must-read. 

Download the report here