Simplified Connectivity with floLIVE and Velocity IoT


While a lucrative opportunity, IoT (Internet of Things) presents a myriad of challenges across various fronts.

Data management complexities arise from the sheer volume and diversity of data generated by IoT devices, necessitating robust strategies for storage, processing, and analysis. Privacy concerns loom large, with sensitive personal and organizational data often at risk of exposure or misuse.

Scalability is another challenge, particularly when delivering global connectivity and tying together multi-carrier connectivity reach. Furthermore, regulatory compliance adds another layer of complexity, with IoT deployments subject to various legal and industry standards. Addressing these challenges requires interdisciplinary approaches, combining expertise in hardware, software, networking, security, data science, and regulatory compliance to ensure the reliability, security, and sustainability of IoT deployments.

Read more in this recent case study to how floLIVE helped Velocity IoT achieve:

  • Global coverage
  • Visibility
  • Single SKU Connectivity