Case Study: Rider Dome Simplifies Global Fleet Connectivity with floLIVE


Digital solutions create significant opportunities to improve conditions. Approximately 770 million motorcycles, whether individual riders or motorcycle fleets, inhabit the road in a given year. One study estimated that nearly 30 percent of road crash fatalities are attributed to two or three-wheeled vehicles, including motorcycles. 

Rider Dome saw a chance to enhance security for motorcycle riders, give managers visibility into fleets, and monitor driver behavior. By leveraging a single technology solution, Rider Dome allows the rider to receive real-time alerts and that data is sent to a centralized platform for monitoring and management, much like the Advanced Drive Alert systems in vehicles. 

For that to work reliably and to its full potential, Rider Dome needed to achieve resilient connectivity anywhere in the world to serve its global customer base. Learn why Rider Dome partnered with floLIVE to:

  • Avoid the challenging approach of fragmented carrier and SIM ecosystem
  • Capture global connectivity through a single SKU
  • Achieve real-time visibility through high bandwidth, low latency connectivity

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