Case Study: CommsCloud Leverages floLIVE to Enable Reliable IoT Connectivity Across Africa

Commscloud Leverages floLIVE to enable reliable IoT Connectivity across africa

What do agriculture tracking devices, energy and gas monitoring, telematics, and logistics all share? Digital solutions can enhance visibility into how things are monitored and moved, but it all starts with resilient connectivity that can move with devices. In the expansive continent of Africa, finding a way to connect devices through a streamlined approach is more difficult than it might seem. Coverage gaps are a problem to mitigate, and no single mobile network operator (MNO) offers coverage across the entire continent. 

CommsCloud serves a wide client base, including agriculture, fleet, logistics, and utilities verticals in Africa. It requires them to have a unified approach in a fragmented region serving many different use cases. 

To help its customers succeed and scale with IoT requires turning to a partner that can simplify complex connectivity delivery. CommsCloud chose floLIVE to help their business:

  • Sidestep legacy MNO infrastructures
  • Find modern multi-operator SIM solutions
  • Build a resilient coverage model for the entire continent of Africa
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