Case Study: BERMAD Achieves Worldwide IoT Coverage with a Single SKU

As a global Utilities company, BERMAD has more than 86 countries to serve, and approached floLIVE with a need for transparent, compliant, and streamlined worldwide connectivity for new IoT use cases. 

While compliance regulations are different depending on the location, BERMAD didn’t want the logistical nightmare of a tailor-made solution in each region. floLIVE provides BERMAD with a single SIM with one SKU for coverage worldwide, allowing the company to benefit from: 

    • Full global coverage, control and flexibility: BERMAD can manufacture devices without needing to know where they will be active, test locally, and then activate, provision and maintain the SIMs OTA, anywhere in the world, with full data visibility. 
    • Reduced overheads and complexity: With a single partner relationship, costs are lower, resolution times are much faster, relationships are streamlined, and BERMAD has just one bill at the end of each month. 
  • A smart economic solution: Thanks to the economies of scale, BERMAD can hand over attractive rates on data packages to its own customers, alongside reduced service costs. This means they become the competitive choice for intelligent irrigation controllers. 

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