AutoMobility IoT Solutions Supported through floLIVE Resilient Global Connectivity


The consumer automotive Internet of Things (IoT) industry is rapidly expanding, driven by advances in connectivity and smart technology. IoT enables vehicles to communicate with each other and infrastructure, enhancing safety and efficiency. The integration of IoT in cars enhances user experience through personalized settings, predictive maintenance, and advanced navigation systems. This growth is fueled by consumer demand for smart, connected vehicles and the automotive industry's push towards autonomous driving. As technology evolves, the automotive IoT landscape is set to transform the way we drive and interact with vehicles

AutoMobility, a consumer automotive after-market electronics distributor and manufacturer, offers dash cameras, app-based remote vehicle starters, collision avoidance systems, security, and more and needed real-time, reliable connectivity, so they turned to floLIVE. 


Download the case study to learn how, through floLIVE, AutoMobility now has:

  • Local coverage on a global scale for “always on” connectivity
  • Simplified logistics through a single SKU
  • Visibility into device and network behavior