Beyond the Campus: Why Mobile Private Networks Need a Global Approach

It’s a new dawn for mobile private networks (MPNs), specifically Private 5G networks, and our latest report provides insight into the game-changing paradigm shift among enterprises.

Alongside Transforma Insights, we published this joint white paper to answer questions including:

  • What’s driving the shift towards more holistic MPN solutions
  • What are the practical requirements across varied?
  • How can we orchestrate these campus-based, national and global private networks to meet demand?
  • Following the evolution of campus networks: Why enterprise requirements for mobile provide networks no longer exist within their own four walls
  • Understanding the benefits of a hybrid approach: How to use a private core with either public or private RAN, depending on your business requirements
  • Harnessing the power of a core network: The route to achieving high performance, tight policy enforcement, and smart resource allocation – all directly from the core.

Download the Whitepaper here

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