2024: A Revolutionary Year for Digital Transformation!

IoT is at an interesting hinge-point with many considerations complicating the question of what IoT will look like in 2024. Artificial intelligence hype is reaching a fever pitch, but will it come to fruition? Will we start seeing 5G truly stand alone? And is IoT transforming from a value-add to a verticalized, fully integrated solution? 

With permanent roaming becoming more a hurdle, data sovereignty and localization becoming a significant top of discussion and regulation, developing connectivity technologies and more, the race to global connectivity can be flooded with hurdles.

floLIVE and industry analysts tackled key technology and trends in this eBook, how and why they will be top of mind in 2024, and how to mitigate challenges while capturing success in the growing IoT market. Download the eBook to learn more about:

  • AI, machine learning, and edge
  • 5G, low power, and satellite networks
  • The Verticalization of IoT and what it means for monetization
  • The rising challenges of data regulations 2024 knowledge center graphic
  • Why permanent roaming is dead

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